Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Korean Guy Fashion!!

So far, Koreans has this every unique on their mix and matches clothes When it’s come on fashion, why do I said that?
Because they did experiment thing out like wearing some colorful pants, quirky shoes, different shirt and even they did their hair shade. And I admit Their style are getting fab and fav by peeps all over the world like what!!

I wear that long sleeve with skull and bones image, that fabric is warm and free size.. Wide trousers with skills, wide trousers and light, but handsome, modeling, outfit, fashion, fashion, amazing, self-style!

Korea's Style, what I’d like to them was their black pants and nice boots because they looked neat and hot by those shoes and pants. And I found either such boy band group that has this great fashion sense, I think?

Make up/ Hairstylist by Mr.fishz
Photography by GorXilai and Mr.fishz.